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Never miss a chance to dance

JA Performing Arts is a Dance and Performing Arts School based in Clacton.  We are Claire & Gemma, we are sisters, originally from Clacton and took over JA Performing Arts in 2015.  We run Dance and Performing Arts classes for toddlers, children and adults in our purpose built studios in Clacton.  All classes offer a free trial class!

We are a family orientated dance school, as it is exactly that, a family! Our Mum, Jackie, founded the dance school in Clacton in 1988 – we never remember a time without the school!  We have always been hard workers, from working for Mum at the school on a Saturday morning, to now owning the school, we will NEVER be happy to sit back!  Our promise is to always give our students the best opportunities we can.

Great opportunities for all ages

Dancing & Performing Arts are more than a hobby. It provides learners (of all ages!) the space and opportunity to leave the world outside and focus on something just for them. Whether this is mastering doing up their own tap shoes in Pre Primary Tap, or having the confidence to simply turn up to your first Adult Ballet class, we are here to support and guide you, from your initial enquiry to your first class!

Positive experience

We pride ourselves on having a team that can cater for all ages and abilities. Our teachers have been selected as they have a wealth of knowledge in their subject specialism. At JA Performing Arts, we will always make sure we offer the best opportunities to our students. We have always ensured students get the correct balance of both performance opportunities and technical training, whilst having the most fun in each and every class!

Healthy body and mind

We are real advocates that when you have been in the studio, you should leave feeling two things, 1-Fulfilled and 2-With a sense of achievement. Whether this is due to achieving a personal goal, having had a great work out, or overcoming something you have been working towards.


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