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Being a parent at JA …

Being a parent at JA performing arts has been one of the most rewarding things someone could ask for, watching what your child can achieve from a young age has been an amazing journey so far.

Parker started at JA at the age of 3, now nearly 6! She has already been in her first show and winter showcase and enjoyed every minute. I have really enjoyed seeing her independence grow from the very beginning, going straight into classes independently with her friends which she now says she loves having different friends from her school friends as makes her feel really grown up.

As a Mum I look forward to seeing and talking to other parents at drop off and pick up times, as they now have become friends and from the very beginning I was made extremely welcome when I originally turned up and didn’t know what to expect when I first took Parker dancing. This however has stuck with me and I love to talk to the new parents so they feel as welcome as I did!

I personally believe that from attending JA the qualities Parker have gained have been priceless, from her being confident and able to be focused at her age to her excellent relationship with her teachers, she can talk to them about anything as I was able to witness on Zoom classes during lockdown! This truly is such a huge part of her lessons as well as learning dance, for Parker being able to talk to Miss Gemma about her day or dancing and be really excited to do so is great and speaks volumes to me about the quality of JA and the relationships that are built.

If I could give any advice to new dance Mums it would be definitely let them try all the types of classes available not just necessarily the one you may have chosen for your child, as Parker ended up doing all classes available to her through total enjoyment! I thought she would have her favorite but she always tells me she loves them all. Watching them grow in all different aspects is something to enjoy and be really proud of!

Katie Tarrant, mum to Parker