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Being nosey blog 

In the spotlight this week- Miss Shakia & Miss Laura!

This month, we wanted to get a bit nosey…  

So, we sent our wonderful team a little questionnaire to answer, so you guys can get to to know them and their roles a little better!

First up is Miss Shakia! 

What is your job title at JA?

Acro teacher 

What is your favourite thing about your job?

Seeing children achieve new skills within dance as well as important life skills.

How did you begin your chosen career?

I have been dancing since the age of 3 and started assisted when I was about 12. The assisting recently became teaching when I left education. But I have known for a long time that I have wanted to be a teacher.

Apart from the career you have now, what was your first job?

One of my other jobs was working as a gymnastics and parkour coach at a local school . Which gave me the confidence to extend my knowledge by taking further acro teacher training.

Name a highlight of your JA career so far

During my time with JA as a teacher , a highlight would be seeing my choreography on stage for the first time. Seeing my classes perform made me feel so proud of them all.

What was your favourite routine in Platform our most recent show?

I absolutely loved sweet melody , the girls portrayed so much sass and maturity ! 

When you performed/ trained yourself, what was your favourite genre of Dance?

My favourite genre of dance as I was growing up would be tap , however, my ballet exam results were always higher.

Tell us a funny story from your time at JA

I was teaching acro and as I went to reach the iPad I head butted the mirror and fell backwards. This sent the children and myself into lots of giggles .

Tell us something about yourself that we may not already know…

I always wear the same pendant on my neck , it’s blue and it has my grandads ashes in it . This way , I believe he is always dancing with me.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you take?

I would take my camera , water and an apple. A camera to take picture of the unique nature. Water because I am always thirsty and I drink 24/7. An apple because an apple a day keeps the doctors away.

Last one! If you could only choose one, what one song would you play on repeat?

I would probably choose the song Find Me by Sigala and Birdy. This song always inspires me. 

Secondly, we have a peek at Miss Laura’s answers ☺️ 

What is your job title at JA?

I am the Adult Tap and Jazz dance teacher

What is your favourite thing about your job?

I love watching the learning process of teaching something new, the focus and determination it takes the students to practice and learn, and the happiness of success when they achieve it! 🙂

How did you begin your chosen career?

After dancing from a young age and perusing dance through university, I then received job offers which took me all over the world doing what I love. I began teaching while on performance contracts after taking on the role of Dance Captain and found another love of getting to teach dance and choreograph, as well as performing it!

Apart from your career now, what was your first job?

Before becoming a dance teacher, I was a dancer and aerialist and in the mean time when I was not on performing contracts, I have also worked as a waitress 🙂

Name a highlight of your career at JA so far:

Having the privilege to join the team so close to showtime and getting to complete the second half of both the Adult Tap dance routines – having my choreography up on the stage in the show was such an honour!

What was your favourite routine in our most recent show Platform?

HIM – I’m such a contemporary geek and this dance was so wonderful, amazing choreography and the seniors performed it beautifully! 

When you performed/trained yourself, what was your favourite genre of dance?

This is a tough one!! My first love will always be Modern/Jazz. This was the first genre of dance I began learning at a young age and I feel that style of dance has moulded me into the dancer I am today. Now, it would also have to be Contemporary too – I didn’t begin learning contemporary until my late teens however I fell for it and felt instantly connected to the genre.

Tell us a funny story from your time at JA:

Here’s a story from when I was a student at JA –

It was show week and the first show was complete and went well! The morning of the matinee I managed to break my arm. I missed the matinee performance while I was at the hospital getting it fixed but made it back in time for the evening and with my arm in a cast I performed the show! 

Tell us something about yourself that we may not already know:

I speak Brazilian Portugese ???????? 

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you take?

A kettle… sugar… and a packet of tea bags! Everything is better with a cuppa tea! 

If you could only choose 1, what song would you listen to on repeat?

King’s of Leon – Waste a Moment 

Thank you so much ladies, loving your answers, especially what you’d take on a desert island!! 

Keep your eyes peeled for Miss Gem, Claire, Miss Jackie & Miss Zoe’s answers as you get to know them a little better!