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Blog April

In this months blog, we wanted to talk to you about something VERY exciting! 

Have you ever heard about our incredible summer workshop? 

So… Your child will have three whole days at JA HQ, make new friends, have the most fun learning new skills, improve their technique and also for us parents… Three days of childcare in the midst of the summer holidays! 

We have been holding our workshops for over 15 years, each year a HUGE success and each year a complete sell out! 

The students are separated into different age groups and then they get to work. 

After a full body and vocal warm up, the morning is then spent with one member of the team. We then break and swap studios, changing over teachers and learning even MORE new skills, building confidence and starting new performance pieces.

Then it’s time for our diddies to leave and our older students to grab some much needed lunch and have a catch up about the day! Then it’s off to the afternoon sessions and rehearsing for our showcase… Did we mention that YOU get to watch it all? 

On the final day, we hold a showcase for our wonderful families to come and catch up on what we have been working on. Each year we say it, but what the students achieve is just phenomenal! 

We’ve had guest teachers from the Westend, Little Mix dancers, Elphaba from Wicked, Circus performers, the resident choreographer from Mary Poppins, Aerialists… So many amazing industry professionals we can’t put them all in one blog! 

If your child is excited about performing arts, would love another performance opportunity and would enjoy being in the studio for three days straight, then keep your eye peeled for our summer workshop this year….. It’s going to be fabulous! 

With the weather being a little sunny now, we are plotting and planning away to make this year the best year yet! 

Also… We get to eat pizza on the last day!! Which is- we think- actually why half our students attend!