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Happy March.

We love this time of year. There’s just a lovely feeling in the air. Nights are a little lighter, mornings are a little Sunnier and Easter is on the horizon!

So, this month’s blog is going to focus on “Buddies!”

Did you know, we have a buddy system at JA Performing Arts?

Knowing that a new hobby can seem daunting, we love to see our students friendships flourish. When a new student starts, we allot them a “buddy” in their first class. This buddy will help them and chat with them on their water breaks, show them to the toilets and just generally make them feel at ease. 

If I am honest, there’s never a shortage of children that are just desperate to have “our new friend” as their buddy, we have the most welcoming, friendly and adorable students.

This also extends to the senior part of the school. If we have a new senior, we will use the same system, but will hide it in cooler, more “grown up” terminology! 

The idea of attending a new Dance school in our teenage years would have, quite literally, terrified us! So we want to make sure from the moment your young people step into our studios, they feel at ease and looked after. 

One of our newer Seniors, Kirra,  has actually written a blog herself, check her out here!

To put it in a nutshell, there’s something a bit special about “Dance friends.” These will become the people you confide in the most, the people you can turn to when your school friends are getting on your nerves, they are “your people” and these friendships really do last a lifetime. 

If you’d like to know a little more info on the classes we offer or our “buddy” system, just pop us a message x