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We are really looking forward to welcoming the children back to the studio!  As we are sure you can understand, there will be a few new procedures to follow to ensure we keep everyone safe. We have detailed below the safety measures we have put in place to keep everyone dancing in a safe environment.

We are pleased to announce we are a COVID-19 Secure business.


Drop off

Please use the normal entrance for drop off.  Please queue outside, ensuring social distancing whilst waiting.  Parents are not permitted inside the building.  Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time, as we are unable to accept children late to the class.


Pick up

Please pick up from the side of the studio, we have a door, which leads out of the studio.  When looking at the studio, on the right hand side, you will see a gate (which is normally open) and you will see our door on the left hand side. Please ensure you arrive on time for collection, due to “bubbles’ we cannot let the next group enter until all children have left the building.



The studio will be deep cleaned daily and we will also be cleaning after each “bubble”.


Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser will be readily available in the studio.  If your child has any allergies we should be aware of, please advise.  Each child will be given hand sanitiser as they enter the studio.


Hand washing

Please ensure your child has washed their hands thoroughly before leaving home.



Our toilets will be deep cleaned everyday and between “bubbles”.  If possible, please can you ask your child to visit the toilet before they leave home, this will then minimise the amount of toilet trips.

If your child needs to go to the toilet, we will expect them to wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and dry their hands using the disposable towels provided before re-entering the studio.



We are not permitted to have bags in the studio.  Please ensure your child only arrives with a water bottle.  If they require a change of shoes for a different lesson please just bring the shoes (not in a bag).



Due to the changing weather, children are allowed to arrive/leave in coats.  We have a designated space for these to be kept.  Please ensure all coats are named.


Changing rooms

These are closed due to Government Guidelines.



We have created “bubbles’ – each child will have their own box marked out on the floor, there will be a distance of 2 meters between each child to ensure social distancing is adhered to.  We have designed the “Bubbles” to ensure they will not cross over classes.

Due to the “Bubbles” and all of the measures we have implemented, if your child is late to class, unfortunately we will not be able to permit them into their lesson.  Please ensure a prompt pick up, as we cannot commence the next class until all children have left the building.



We will ventilate the studio by having the back door open, when possible but we will also have windows open.



Risk Assessment

We are pleased to advise the studio has been independently assessed and we are COVID-19 Secure.  A full copy of our Risk Assessment is available on request.



Water bottles

If your child attends more than one 30-minute class they may wish to bring a water bottle.  Please ensure this has sufficient water for the duration of their class.




If your child has been in contact with anyone who is showing signs of COVID-19 please do not come to classes.  Please self isolate, as per the Government Guidelines.  We are able to offer live Zoom classes, if your child has to isolate but please provide as much notice as possible for us to set up Zoom in the class.

If for any reason Miss Gemma had to self-isolate, classes would resume on Zoom (assuming Miss Gemma is well).

If anyone in your household has been contacted by Track and Track and advised to self-isolate, your child will not be permitted to class.  Please ensure you notify us, as we may need to advise your child’s “bubble”.

As always, any questions please feel free to pop us an email or private message our Facebook page.

We can’t wait to see everyone!

Thanks everyone

Claire and Miss Gemma x






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