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Covid restrictions lifted!

We cannot believe that on August 4th it was a whole year since we have been back in our beloved studios! 

A year of many, many changes, which our whole team adapted to so well! 

From week one, where it all seemed very alien and restrictive, to week 52 where it all seems easier and more “normal!” 

From the tiny tots having their first classes with Mummies waiting outside, to our adult dancing in “boxes” and wearing their masks on entry and exit, we know we’ve done everything we can to keep everyone safe. 

With restrictions now being eased slightly, we thought we would let you guys know what we will be putting in place from September, to keep everyone healthy and out of the dreaded isolation! 

We continue to deep clean each day and to clean in-between groups. 

We will always encourage students to sanitise coming in and leaving the building. 

We also will keep our one way system in place- this works really well and “traffic” is a little less than using one entrance! 

We continue to ask adult learners upon entry and whilst leaving to wear masks, just as they would in the supermarket. 

Our team is our priority, keeping our teachers safe and comfortable is very important to us. They need to be able to come to work and feel looked after and protected. 

As always, we want our studios to be a safe haven and for everyone to forget the stresses of the day! We will be removing the tape on the floor but will still be encouraging social distancing for the time being. 

As always, feel free to ask any questions. We have SO much planned for the year ahead and are sure it will be a LOT more plain sailing than last year.

We have just a few places left to book for September, if you’re interested in the classes we offer, pop us a message for more info x