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Here is Mimi’s blog telling us all about her experience performing in our recent show, Influence!

Mimi Timothy – age 9

Was this your first show performing with JA Performing Arts? 

No this was my third show performing at the princes theater but i have also performed at the Ipswich regent twice and two at the arts center 

What was your favorite routine from the show?

My favorite routine from the show was my solo with the seniors 

Which costume was your favorite costume? 

My favorite costume was my trousers and waistcoat from king of new york 

How did it make you feel performing on stage?

 At first I was nervous but as soon as i got on stage it was amazing and i was confident 

Did you make any new friends during the show – in rehearsals and at the theater?Yes I did I made friends with Emily sasha and ellie from the big girls they are so nice to me and everyone. But also I have my best friends already nancy, parker iris , scarlett and gabby 

Did your mum chaperone? – If yes, what was your favorite things about having mum there with you? 

My mum sophie did chaperone she helps with all the shows and she helped not just me but everyone and helped with quick changes and making sure everyone was ok 

What is your favorite memory from the dance show?

My favorite memory from the show wasn’t just being on stage but being backstage spending time with all my friends 
Would you like to perform like Mimi in our next show?  We’d love to welcome you into our JA Family!

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