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January 2023 blog! 

And like that…. It’s a brand new year! Brand new start, fresh page and 365 days to look forward to! 

We hope you all had a magical Christmas, we certainly did this year! Lots of family time, games, food and bubbles. 

Are you the type of person who makes New Years resolutions? Miss Gem & Claire can’t really say we are, but we always are looking for ways to better ourselves, give our students the best opportunities and to make our lives even happier and more productive! Ours are more goals during the year and different elements we want to focus on. 

So, what does 2023 have in store of us here at JA? 

Our very first exciting project is performing at the Regent Theatre in Ipswich with Bravo Productions! 

This is a fantastic opportunity for our students, friendly and professional, we have worked with bravo before and are really excited to be taking three groups and routines back with us this time! 

We are also introducing a beautiful week called “share the love week” to coincide with Valentine’s Day! This is where we will be invite our students to bring a friend along with them to JA and be doing some lovely, positive and exciting things with the team. Who doesn’t love love? 

The next thing on our tick list is exams. We belong to the ISTD and our Baker, Tap and Modern exam students are working super hard behind closed doors to gain more knowledge and technique by the week! 

We will then be hurtling into show preparation. It seems crazy that we are nearly at show prep time already, when “Platform” seems only yesterday. 

The worry with the “new show” each time is, how do we better ourselves? But each time we truly believe we produce something a little more special than the last! 

So, we think that’s about it from us, the next six months planned out for us. 

Oh! And we also have something we have been keeping a secret…. Miss Gem and her husband Simon are expecting a baby! 

Beatrice is very excited to become a big sister and Claire cannot WAIT to have another niece or nephew to cuddle…. Miss Jackie has started knitting already! 

After writing all of this, we know this year will be exceptionally special for us all. 

So 2023, let’s be having you!!