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Kayleigh Buer – 8 years old

Was this your first show performing with JA Performing Arts? This was my first ever show,and I loved every minute of it!! 

–        What was your favourite routine from the show? 

Ballet because I loved the dance and the music,we even got to learn abit of sign language for it aswell. 

–        Which costume was your favorite costume?

Both was my favourite but if I had to choose one it would be the acro costume as it was just so sparkly and I love sparkles!!  

–        How did it make you feel performing on stage?

 It made me feel amazing! I loved every second of it as I’ve always wanted to be on stage. 

–        Did you make any new friends during the show – in rehearsals and at the theatre? 

I made new friends and also got to spend time and dance with my friends from ballet and acro! We even made a really long friendship loom band in between dances! 

–        Did your mum chaperone? – If yes, what was your favorite things about having mum there with you? 

My mum did chaperone,I loved that we got to spend my first show together and that she was able to help me with anything and also that she helped all my friends aswell. I enjoy spending time with my mum so it was even more special that we got to create that memory together 

–        What is your favourite memory from the dance show? 

Being able to have that opportunity to show all my family that came to watch what I had been learning with JA and how special it was to me to be up there in front of everyone and just show them how brave I was! 

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