JA Performing Arts

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Miss Laura’s journey with JA!

I began my adventure with JA Performing Arts when it was the Jaqueline Annis School of Dance with Miss Jackie as the Principle. The first genre of dance I started studying was Modern Jazz and I fell in love instantly. From there, it’s safe to say it snowballed on and I soon then took up Tap… Then Ballet… Hip Hop and Musical Theatre. I spent every week night after school with the best of friends doing what I loved the most, learning so much from the wonderful Miss Jackie and being with my dancing friends. There’s a certain friendship built in the dancing world, unlike many others, and it’s such a special one!

Right through to my teenage years I was lucky to be taught by both Miss Jackie and Miss Gemma when she began teaching too. I was then lucky enough to attend Colchester Institute where Miss Gem taught me during the day as well! I was a JA girl through and through!!

With huge support from my wonderful parents, and my dance mum as my chaperone for the shows! I was lucky to take part in every show, every exam, every workshop, and all of those experiences helped develop me into the professional dancer I then went on to be! After both college and university studying dance, and 7 years of performing, I am so grateful for the experiences I have had. I could go on and on talking about the amazing memories I have of my past with JA, however… I’m now incredibly exited for my FUTURE with JA!!

It fills my heart with joy to say that I am a teacher within the JA team. To be planning my first pieces of choreography for the next show as a teacher of the school is another huge highlight of my career. I will now have the pleasure of watching my students performing my choreography up on the stage I used to dance on when I was little.

This wonderful dance school helped make me the dancer I became, and is still helping me develop as a teacher today. I am so grateful to Miss Jackie, Miss Gemma and Claire who have welcomed me back into the family, although it feels like I never really left! We have both great memories to reminisce in, plus exiting plans to talk about for the future! AND I get to call this my job! What a lucky girl I am!!          

Now there’s really nothing else to do than to drag out all my old show DVDs and photo albums! 😍