Adult Tap

Adult Tap


Have you always wanted to try Tap?

If you are at the start of your tap dancing journey this class is for you! We start at the very beginning, we will teach you all the basic steps you need to learn. You will learn exercises first of all and then start to put the steps together into fun and enjoyable routines to great music.

Come along and join us and get those toes tapping.


Did you Tap as a child or tapped many years ago?  Then this class is for you! This class requires a basic knowledge of tap dancing.  We teach various steps slowly and carefully to ensure they are understood and can be demonstrated correctly before moving on.

We would love to see you!


This class requires a good knowledge of tap dancing –  join our group of happy tappers and improve your rhythm, co-ordination and stamina.

We learn new steps each week and fun routines to get those memories working and put all the steps together.

Our Adult Tap classes are open to all ages, so come along and join our groups of happy tappers!  All of these classes will help to improve your rhythm, co-ordination and stamina.

We are sure our Adult Tap classes will put a smile on your face as you tap your troubles away.

We look forward to seeing you! To book a free class then please contact us here.

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