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Sophie Day – 7

Was this your first show performing with JA Performing Arts? 

I have done a showcase with Ja before but this was my first show with costumes.

What was your favorite routine from the show?

My favorite routine from the show was tap and jazz. I loved the costume, the routine and dancing to sponge Bob.

Which costume was your favorite costume? 

My favorite costume was tap and jazz. I loved it because there was a crop top and the little frilly bits on my trousers.

How did it make you feel performing on stage?

Performing on stage made me feel happy and excited.

Did you make any new friends during the show – in rehearsals and at the theatre? 

I made new friends and loved being with my friends from ja.

What is your favorite memory from the dance show?

My favorite memory from the show was my mummy, my daddy, my nanny, my great nanny, my auntie and my cousin coming to watch me.

Would you like to perform like Sophie in our next show?  

We’d love to welcome you into our JA Family!

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