JA Performing Arts

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Its official, we are back! After what we felt like an eternity beavering away on zoom, we are home dancing at our beautiful studios in Clacton!

The atmosphere has been so electric over the past few weeks, everyone just seems to understand how lucky we are to be back. The focus and drive, from our babies through to our seniors is admirable.

Adult tappers / ballet… we are coming for you next!

Things we have accomplished so far…

We have launched a Brand New Tots Tap & Jazz class! This class has been a sell out and we have a very eager waiting list too! Seeing their little faces navigating the whole experience is so lovely, learning and making new friends and even finding the confidence to leave parents & guardians after so long is fantastic. If you would like to join our waiting list you can complete our registration form by clicking here We have been working towards our ISTD Ballet exams… for quite a while now (understatement of the century) after they were cancelled numerous times due to the dreaded virus. But, finally we have a date and all of the students are looking gorgeous! We cannot wait to see you soar into your next grades.

We are in the process of launching some BRAND NEW POINTE WORK CLASSES.

One beginner class, with our Grade 4 Ballet students which will run alongside our existing intermediate class, and also Adult Ballet Pointe classes. How exciting is this.

We were also approached to perform in the “Bounceback festival” taking place in Weeley on Saturday June 5th. Some of our Senior & Pre Senior students have been selected to take part and we cannot wait! They will also be showcasing our newly designed performance t shirts, so when we perform, we are all uniformed and stand out from the crowd.

So, after what feels like a million new uniform orders, many MANY press ups, pirouettes and good toes and naughty toes, we are back with a bang!

Now just to get our Adult learners back in and we can finally move on to a very happy, very exciting 2021!