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Drop off

Please use the front entrance for drop off. You now enter the changing rooms, if your child needs to get changed.  However, please do not use the changing rooms as a waiting area.


Pick up

Please remove this but – This will remain the same, to avoid a cluster of parents picking up and dropping off at the same location.


Please ensure you arrive on time for collection.


Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser will still be readily available in the studio.  If your child has any allergies we should be aware of, please advise.  Each child will still be provided with hand sanitiser when they enter the studio.



If you child attends more than one class, they may bring a bag to class together with a water bottle.



We have a coat area for any coats.  Please can you ensure all coats are named.


Changing rooms

The changing rooms are only be available for children who need to change.  These cannot be used as a waiting area. 


Water bottles

If your child attends more than one 30-minute class they may wish to bring a water bottle.  Please ensure this has sufficient water for the duration of their class.


Thanks everyone

Claire and Miss Gemma x





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