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Work Experience!

This month, we are talking work experience! 

Did you know, we offer work experience places for students in year 10? 

This is something we love to offer our students as we offer a real “behind the scenes” experience. 

This is something we have offered for a very long time and we are so fortunate when our students decide to come and experience the running of the school! 

This month, we had our lovely Daisy assist us. Daisy has been part of the JA team since she was a Tiny Tot, so when she approached us and asked if she could come to JAPAHQ for her work experience, we were more than happy to oblige! 

We have Daisy lots of tasks, from warming up the students in all age groups, to writing this blog post! 

Below Daisy details what was required and gives us a little insight into her week at JA! 

           Daisy’s blog:

I did my work experience at Ja performing arts. I had a lot of different tasks to complete during the week. I had to make up different warm ups for each group, changing them depending on their age and ability. I then came into each class and warmed them up and during the class, helped anyone out who was struggling.

My first day doing work experience was a monday where i helped with ballet including tots, per primary, primary and grade 1. I got to help Miss Jackie teach these classes by taking the registers for her. She also asked me to make up some exercises and teach them to the students and make up a mime to do with them.

On Tuesday I helped Miss Gemma with age 4-7 tap and modern and then a hip hop and musical theatre where I was asked to make a tap warm up for this age group and teach it to them and then some musical theatre games to play with them. During the senior classes on this day, I looked at the different teaching methods between younger and older students.

On wednesday i helped miss gemma with two tap classes, two modern classes and a jazz tech class. For these i had to make up a warm up for age 8-10 tap and modern, age 8-13 jazz tech which i included stretching in and age 11-13 tap and modern warm up. I then had to create a new warm up for my tap and modern class making it genre specific. I also went through different bits of the routines with the younger groups during their lesson.

For the Thursday class I helped with ballet ages 11-13. For this I had to choreograph 2 barre exercises, a plie exercise and a grand battement exercise. I then taught the students a ballet warm up which we did at the bar and went through the dance with them. I also did the warm up for my classes.

Friday was my last day where I got to help miss zoe with two hiphop, two musical theatre and a drama class. In this I warmed each class up and joined in with different games that they played. I also learnt parts of the dances so I could help them out if they needed it. During the 11-13 hip hop class, I helped Miss Gemma look for some different ideas for costumes for our show.

I really enjoyed doing my work experience at JA. I loved helping out with all the different classes and seeing how the classes are adapted for different age groups.

So, if you have a young person in Year 10 that thinks they’d love to jump in and have their work experience with us, please pop us a message!