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Annabel John – 10

Was this your first show performing with JA Performing Arts? 

No, I have now taken part in two annual shows and several Christmas shows. I have also taken part in two shows in the regent theatre in Ipswich. 

What was your favorite routine from the show?

My favourite routine was the opening routine which is from my jazz class. I found this really fun. 

Which costume was your favorite costume? 

My favourite costume was the revolting children costume as I really like this. 

How did it make you feel performing on stage?

I absolutely love performing on stage and feel very confident doing it. 

Did you make any new friends during the show – in rehearsals and at the theatre? 

I made a new friend Emily who was in my chaperone group and also spent lots of time with my other dancing friends. 

Did your mum chaperone? – If yes, what was your favorite things about having mum there with you? 

Yes my mum was a chaperone. I liked having my mum there as she would support me and bring snacks of course! 

What is your favorite memory from the dance show?

My favourite memory was spending time with my friends and dancing; which is what I love to do! 

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