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Being a beginner!!

So….. we have launched some new awesome classes, due to popularity of our existing timetable! 

We thought we would give you some more details in this months blog and cannot wait to welcome some new faces through the doors! 

In October we launched our SELL OUT beginner Tap class! We had such wonderful feedback and we’re so proud of everyone for coming along and getting back in the studio- or stepping in for the first time. We have lots of Mums & Daughters coming along to classes which is so heartwarming, especially as we are such a close school ☺️

This month, we are launching a BRAND NEW Mummy and me (Daddies welcome too) Ballet class! We currently offer Ballet classes for age 2.5 upwards (all the summer to adults!) but as Mamas, we know how lovely it is to put aside some time in your week when it’s just you and your little one. 

All you need to do is sign up either via popping us a message or by registering direct, wear something comfortable and bring your little human along! Inclusive for all genders, a friendly face (Miss Gem ☺️) and maybe even the chance to make some new friends too. Relaxed and positive, we cannot wait to see you all. 

We also are launching a (we think this is a hilarious title) “legs, bums & Mums!” This isn’t exclusive to Mums! Anyone is welcome, you can always bring a friend- or even your own Mum- to offer a little support as starting a new class is exciting, but also a big step sometimes. Miss Hayley is fantastic and has many years of experience as a personal trainer, with qualifications in postpartum fitness- she is a real fitness guru. This class is aimed at all fitness levels. The hardest bit sometimes is stepping through the door. We promise, you’ll be stepping “back out” feeling tones, refreshed and energised.

Clothing you can move in comfortably and trainers/ bare feet is perfect. Bring along a water bottle and a towel and that’s it, you’re all set! 

To sign up for this brand new class, keep an eye on our social media and come join us every Thursday! 

We will leave you with these two classes, but have two more daytime classes coming up…… watch this space! 

For more info on any of our other classes feel free to pop us a message, we are always here to help x