JA Performing Arts

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  • With a bang, straight into exam prep!  We hope you all had the most wonderful Summer, the heat this year was crazy, wasn’t it?  We all had a great time, fun with our families and friends and enjoyed the long days, trips to

  • We did it! We went a whole academic year without one lockdown. What an incredible year it was.  From our first Performance at “bounce back festival” to our insanely successful show “Platform” we really have made the most of every moment. We

  • Who’s booked in for our sellout summer workshop?  For the 16th Year, we are offering your young people the opportunity to come along to JAPA HQ for three whole days, learn from the industries finest and perform in a showcase! How

  • Happy June everyone! So, who caught our wonderful students performing at Clacton's Jubilee Festival? We managed to have two of our wonderful groups of students perform a lyrical jazz number and a musical theatre jazz number. Both pieces were from our show

  • And like that, Platform is over! We really are so sad to being the curtain down on our amazing 2022 show. 36 pieces choreographed & set, dozens and dozens of performers, 100+ hours of sourcing costumes, dress makers, rehearsals, more admin

  • Can you believe it? We were chatting in classes last week and sharing what our favorite part of the show process is. The majority of our answers were Sunday rehearsals! This is when we meet for two Sundays before the show and