JA Performing Arts

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Can you believe it?

We were chatting in classes last week and sharing what our favorite part of the show process is.

The majority of our answers were Sunday rehearsals! This is when we meet for two Sundays before the show and start to piece it all together.

These rehearsals focus on the health and safety of being in a working theatre. We have rehearsed for months in our studios, but being on stage is quite a challenge! The students are used to working in front of mirrors, with no sage drop and no wings. We need to practice wing discipline and general show etiquette. This all sounds a little official, but it really is so much fun. I think the bit the students enjoy the most is having a sneak peek at all of the other routines!

We have more wonderful students than ever at JA and whether it’s your first show or your tenth, we always receive the best feedback after these rehearsals.

The second rehearsal, we start to “tech” the show. So this is where we meet with our team of Wizards…. I mean Technicians and all of the teams visions are put in place.

Platform, as all of our shows and performances really is a team effort. From our army of chaperones, to our tiny tots, to the seniors’ assistants and our wonderful team of teachers, every single person plays a hug part.

We are not sure if you’ve heard… But we are introducing ARCO into our timetable! This is a fusion of dance and gymnastics and already, we are so excited to put some choreography together and show this new genre off to you all! If you haven’t already grabbed your tickets, please come and support our show! There is something for everyone.