JA Performing Arts

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It’s show time!

We have just commenced show work! We were due to perform in September, but decided to postpone until next Spring as the last lockdown hit, just so we can give our students the very best experience and they don’t have to constantly think about the dreaded virus ? 

Our shows are big. We mean….. fireworks, hundreds of costumes, the odd flying Mary Poppins and maybe even real life pup this time (pup to be cast soon ?) 

So we thought we would give you a little insight of what goes into producing a JA Performing Arts show. 

We start roughly a year in advance. We first meet with our teachers and discuss routines, costumes & choreography. 

We then contact all parents and our lovely adults classes too to check for permission which is always met with lots of excitement and support. 

Then it’s time for our wonderful students to start the hard work. We start a routine with each class in each genre. This is such an exciting time and to be in class with the electric atmosphere is just a firm reminder of why we all do what we do! 

The teaching team is selected for their experience, creativity and drive. We really do have the most amazing team of teachers who- between them- have thousands of creative pieces under their belts. 

We assemble our creative team very early on in the process. Sound and lighting designers, stage management, runners, set/ prop makers, costume designers- the list goes on. We like to make sure we are all kept in the loop, so to speak, and that everyone has enough time to prepare and come to rehearsals ready to get everything to merge together. All of our team always have an enhanced DBS and we have worked with many of them for years so they know what is expected of them all to create a JA show! 

Nearer the show, we hold auditions for solos/ duets etc. This can be in any of the genres we teach here at JA, we encourage all students to audition, whether it’s so they can experience being in an audition situation, or to get a solo in the show! We welcome all members of the school, from our younger students to our adults. It allows everyone to be creative and show how they like to perform. When the pieces are chosen, they are tweaked and coached by Miss Gem until the big day! 

We hold two Sunday rehearsals- ask any student who has done a show with us before…. it really is the best few weekends! We get to see everyone’s performances and eventually get to be taken to the changing rooms so we can do a “staggered run” of the show. This is one part in the “dance school world” that is super exciting. From the little ones who might be trying make up for the first time, to the seniors who have the big lights around the vanity mirrors and at least 100 quick changes – the atmosphere is amazing and even writing this makes us feel so excited about next time! 

Then it’s the technical rehearsal- lights and sound and lots of standing around in positions, then the dress rehearsal which is the full run through of the show! 

They say “bad dress, good show” but we like to think we just keep getting better through the rehearsals and then the shows are even more amazing….. speak to Miss Gem about this after the next dress rehearsal ?

Running orders are set, Programmes designed, costumes are all ordered from all over the world- most from America for that extra bit of glam! Chaperones are in place (what we would do without our team of “super Mums” we don’t know!) 

So really, in a nut shell, this is how the shows work. Lots of glitz and rehearsals and supporting each other hard work and emotions and we cannot WAIT to be back up there, where we long next year! 

If your child would like to join us in our 2022 show it is not too late, just pop us a message and we can send over some more info or maybe they would like to join our classes but you are not too sure about the show, that is fine too! Feel free to pop Claire a message for more info on the classes we hold.