JA Performing Arts

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January was awesome!

We had a record number of new faces here at JA and February looks as if we may even beat it. To see so many happy, smiley faces is so heartwarming, especially with this week being Children’s mental health week. We 100% believe that Dance and Performing Arts keep your body, but most importantly your mind healthy, active and focussed. 

We believe that each child deserves to have an individualized learning experience, so we continue to make sure we tailor each and every students education here to their own way of learning. This means they can be the best they can be!

The end of January saw our students perform Jazz Tech students perform in Bravo Productions latest show at The Regent Theatre, Ipswich.
We were joined by lots of lovely, supportive schools and the whole day was positive and enjoyable for the whole team. Huge, HUGE thank you to our lovely chaperones, Noo, Chloe, Tracey, Sophie and Leanne for looking after the juniors and upper juniors so beautifully, we are always so appreciative.

We had two lyrical routines “use somebody” and “earned it” and girls, we must say you looked stunning! Where have the little star babies gone? You have now earned your places as the senior school and we couldn’t be more proud!

Juniors, how sassy were you all? We used- A Miss Gem favourite- Todrick Halls’ “Who let the freaks out” and you really stepped up to the crowns on your heads!

February so far has seen the introduction of our “Share the love week.” We have sent invites out to all of our students and allowed them to invite a friend to “Share the love” here at JA! The studio has been decorated in it finery and we have all agreed, we love it so much we don’t want to take it all down! Keep your eyes peeled for the photo upload…. There’s some good ones! 

Welcome to all of our new families and students, it’s been a pleasure to meet you all and we can’t wait to get your started on your JA journey!