JA Performing Arts

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What. A. Year! 

We did it! We went a whole academic year without one lockdown. What an incredible year it was. 

From our first Performance at “bounce back festival” to our insanely successful show “Platform” we really have made the most of every moment.

We are sure we say this every time, but Platform really did knock everyone’s socks off. There seemed to be more energy, more fire, more determination this time round. Show term is always manic, but we miss it too when it’s finished! 

We have most recently performed with Bravo Theatre Productions at The Regent Theatre in Ipswich with students from age 7-16. We chose three differing pieces. Two lyrical pieces linked beautifully together, then “flash, bang, wallop” to go out with a bang. 

We finished off the year with our sell out annual workshop. This year, we were lucky enough to have our very own Miss Laura as our guest teacher- Miss Laura has been an acrobat with many Circus’ over the past few years and we had so much fun learning from her! 

From our tiny 4 year olds, to our 14 year olds, there was something for everyone. We perform a showcase at the end of the three days- it was a wild one this year! Showgirls, clowns, beautiful vocals and even a ring of fire ?

We also welcomed our Miss Ashleigh back which is always a pleasure. Miss Ashleigh and Miss Laura both trained here @ JA and it was very special to have them on the team together this year. 

We want to say a huge well 

done and thank you to all of our families at JA, we appreciate each and every one of you and cannot wait to steam in to September and have another wonderfully successful year!