JA Performing Arts

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Why I Joined JA!

I started JA as I wanted to start dancing again – I had been in and out of dance with different schools since I was young but had let it go in the past couple of years and I missed it very much.

There are many things, but my favourite part of JA is the family-feel and the immense support for Miss Gemma and the students alike. It has a very safe, comfortable atmosphere.

I always feel either tired or extremely energised – but more often than not, my whole body is tired after so much movement – the classes are a good form of full-body exercise.

Since starting, I have gained new friendships with girls outside of my school as well as increased flexibility and understanding of dance moves.

When I started, I was super nervous as all the girls had been dancing together for years and I was new. However, now (around two years later) I have established good friendships which are refreshing as they are not linked to school and I am comfortable with dancing alongside and participating in lifts with the others! My advice is to start as starting is, more often than not, the hardest part of the process.