JA Performing Arts

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You are invited to something very exciting….

The JA Performing Arts stone challenge!

We love to stay connected over holidays! This year we have two brand new and exciting ways to stay together whilst we are apart on our summer holidays! (As well as our annual Summer Workshop don’t forget!)

We are launching our stone challenge!

Simply follow the tasks below

  • Come to JAPAHQ and grab a stone from the foyer
  • Paint it in whatever design you’d like – but you must make sure you have JA PERFORMING ARTS clearly on there!
  • Take a picture of your stone, take the stone to the beach and leave it there
  • Join / Like our main Facebook page and post your pictures of your stones for someone else to find!

How exciting. A nice little activity for you on your beach walks.

How many can you find?

More exciting info …

The second staying connected event we have is the launch of our ANNUAL FAMILY PICNIC!

All details have been sent via e mail, we cannot wait to see you all and catch up.

Miss Gem is already desperate to catch up with you all and show off the new addition to the family!

Bring yourself, your picnic and any games you think you’d like to share!

We hope as many of you join in these two lovely events as possible.

Miss Gem & Claire xx