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You go to Adult Tap??? Really??

So I have been attending JA Performing Arts adult tap classes for about 12 years…wow 12 years!!

I joined the school as I was going through a tough time and the only thing that made me happy was when I was dancing.  My mum had a dance school and I attended her tap and ballet classes, so when a friend of mine suggested tap classes at JA Performing Arts, I thought why not.

My first class I was so nervous, I hadn’t been to a tap class for about 20+ years.  I stood at the back and just joined in as best I could.  I felt embarrassed that I couldn’t keep up or remember the steps, but then we did a time step…at last something I remembered…so I happily joined in and it took me back to happy days as a child.  I left the class feeling fabulous and eager to join the class the next week.

The weeks went by and the teacher slowly encouraged me with kindness and patience.  She saw when I needed help and when I just wanted to melt into the background, but over time I got more and more confident in the steps.  I loved learning new steps and when we learnt the rolling time step, I remember thinking I will never get this.  The rest of the class steamed ahead, but the teacher broke it down really really slowly and after practising at home, I got it.  I was so pleased with myself.

4 years ago the school started adult ballet class.  I couldn’t wait to sign up.  It had a long waiting list as so many people wanted to join, but luckily I got a place.  I have been in my element, although the knees and back don’t always agree or go in the direct I know they should, doing plies, port de bras and pirouettes again, I have just felt amazing.

Miss Jackie, our ballet teacher, is the kindest most patience and informative teacher.  She really explains everything we do and gives direction.  The way she explains what we do, why it is called that and how we do it makes it easy to understand.

I have been lucky to have appeared in 5 shows with the school and the whole school, from the tots to the seniors are so encouraging of each other.  Its lovely being part of a dancing family again and you certainly feel very included.

The last show we did we were lucky enough to do a tap routine and a ballet routine, and I just felt amazing once we had come off stage, and the whole school were really supportive.

During lockdown the school organised zoom classes, which have been challenging, but I am forever grateful that they allowed us to continue with the classes.

I tell people with pride that I attend tap and ballet classes, and the reaction I get is quite often one of shock, and maybe they find it a little bit funny that at 50 I still go to tap and ballet classes, but I challenge anyone to attend a tap or ballet class.  

The strength and stamina you need beats any gym class I have attended in the past, plus you get to learn new things (it’s good for the brain) and you get to be part of the best dancing family around.

If you are thinking about joining I would say do it, everyone is so welcoming and helpful.  We all want each other to succeed and are so encouraging of each other.

So … when I get asked do I do adult tap and ballet I say……


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