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Fresh start…

Happy September everyone! 

We hope you had a lovely summer and are making the most of this late sunshine!

There’s always something lovely about a new fresh start isn’t there! New fresh notebooks, ready to be crammed with ideas to share with you all. 

We can’t believe it’s the start of another academic year, but we are excited to move forwards with all of our plans, December Musical Theatre & Hip Hop Showcase being the first stop!

So, we had another amazing Summer workshop week. We decided to perform “al fresco“ this year and it was so lovely! Our students- as always- surpassed our expectations and it was so lovely to see everyone working together as a team and looking out for each other, especially with our “buddy system!” Our first performance since the dreaded COVID changed everything for everyone and it was an emotional moment! 

We are already underway with rehearsals for our 2022 show. Keep your eyes peeled for our poster launch in the next few months! 

We are super excited to welcome so many new faces. We are so grateful that you all choose to attend JA and we know you will all have the best year. 

We were chatting the other day about returning families. The school has been running for many, many years, since 1988 in fact! We have welcomed so many families over the years, from Adult tappers, who then bought along their children, to Tiny Tots who then recruited cousins, siblings and school friends! 

Each week we are seeing brand new faces. We love how many of our families are now returning. The tiny tots from 25 years ago are now bringing their little ones. We have some wonderful “Dance Grandparents” dropping off their grandchildren and it really does show what a wonderful place JA is to be. 

We even have sisters, who bring their children along with their cousins! 

Anyway, we just thought it was a lovely testament to our school and are so grateful to have so many wonderful families attending each week.

Can’t wait to see what we all achieve this year. 

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Let’s do this! 

Claire and Gemma xx