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For 16+ year olds

Ballet is amazing for both the body and mind. It is a fantastic way to learn to focus on one exercise at a time. We encourage your young person to leave their day behind and throw themselves into a rewarding, positive hobby, that works each muscle group and focuses on strength, fitness and stamina.

For this age group, classes focus on applying all previously learned techniques, plus learning the more advanced movements and choreography. Students are always pushed positively to their maximum capability.

We understand that this age group comes with outside pressures, from Further and Higher Education, to deciding their next step into adulthood. We will always support our students in their classes, checking in on their mental health and well-being allowing and our studios to be a safe environment for them to be creative.

We always welcome any ability to our studios. From teenagers that would like to explore a new hobby, to the more experienced Dancer.


6:30pm – 7:15pm


For 16+ year olds

Has your teenager Tapped before? Do they remember the feeling they first put their tap shoes on? Maybe it’s time to revisit that feeling and get back into the studio!

Tap is a genre we rarely forget- think riding a bike! 

Tap is creative, intricate and interesting. Our classes are fast paced with 1-2-1 feedback in each class so everyone feels accomplished when they leave.

This is a fantastic stage in any Tap Dancers journey. We focus on refining movements and lines and adding together everything that has been previously learned. We love to welcome beginners too, always ensuring that we recap and integrate all abilities.


7:15pm – 8pm


For 16+ year olds

Jazz is one of our most popular classes here at JA! Your young person will learn about their physicality, how to use and look after their body and to work to their full potential. 

Kicks, leaps, jumps and performances are focussed on, we focus on learning in a vibrant setting, whilst working hard and becoming strong and authentic dancers! 

They will leave each class, having had a full body workout, the chance to be with likeminded people and a real sense of accomplishment.

Our students participate in structured ISTD classes, looking at exercises that incorporate performance skills and technique, still in an exciting setting, but in a little more of a mature way.

In both Modern and Jazz tech, we love seeing the Students experience different types of performing and using their own creativity.

 We will always look at contrasting styles of Modern and Jazz dance, making sure our team educates the students not just on the movement, but the history and processes too.


6:15pm – 7pm

Hip Hop

For 16+ year olds

In these classes, we start to focus on strength and lines. We encourage our young people to express themselves and find their own performance style too! 

We are advocates of physical and mental well being and believe that our performers need to be strong to execute the choreography effectively. 

We start to look at more complex tricks and choreography, looking at Old School Hip Hop, commercial, heel work and lyrical Hip Hop.

 We like to teach our students to be well rounded performers and will give them every opportunity to experience varying styles. We focus on warming up our bodies and fitness at the start of every class and make sure we tailor this to every ability. Always using the most relevant songs, this class is a great way to immerse in moments and music whilst keeping fit and healthy.


7pm – 7:45pm

Musical Theatre

For 16+ year olds

The focus is on the fun and freedom! Musical Theatre is a chance for your teenager to freely express themselves and make decisions about their own performance, working both in a group, with a partner and independently. A real confidence booster, Musical Theatre brings out the best in our performers here at JA!

We focus on developing our student’s creativity. We make sure that we encourage self led rehearsing and working as a real part of a team. After all, Performing Arts is a real team effort, whatever your role! All Musicals focussed on will be age appropriate, this making it easier for the students to base their characters and choices on real life people or situations. 

This is so important, especially for our students that would like to continue to train and have a career in the Performing Arts.

We now start to look at really developing vocal technique and characterisation, again perfect for building confidence and for audition preparation too!


7:45pm – 8:30pm


For 16+ year olds

Acro is such a rewarding genre of Performing Arts! 

Your teenager will build themselves an amazing catalogue of movements, from ariels, to partner tricks and front and back handsprings. Perfect for auditioning for Performing Arts colleges and a skill they will keep well into their careers!

Acro is a very performance based artform, our driven team will push each student to their ability and instil confidence along the way. We are always so impressed by the improvement in our students after a few short weeks! 

It is an amalgamation of both Dance technique and acrobatic movements. The transition is made to be elegant, smooth and dynamic. The new, athletic movements will be added into performances.

Acro will help with body strength, flexibility and confidence. Acro works perfectly alongside genres such as modern and Jazz, especially when it comes to show term.


2:30pm – 3:15pm